HONDA Delivers Its First Honda Jet Private Premium Aircraft


Honda Aircraft Company announced that it began with deliveries of HondaJet , the most advanced private aircraft in the world. The company delivered the first unit at its offices in North Carolina. Achieving this fact is reached just days after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to deliver HondaJet last December 8.

Honda Aircraft has established a very robust network of distributors around the world through 11 different countries. Each of the agencies HondaJet is ready to serve its customers optimally, supported of course by the service area of Greensboro which has about 90,000 square feet of facilities dedicated to the maintenance and repair of aircraft.

As for the training of pilots, Honda Aircraft has begun with specialized courses through a level D simulator that is located within the headquarters of Honda Aircraft Training Center in Greensboro.

Currently in the segment of private aircraft, HondaJet is the most revolutionary light aircraft in design and technology is concerned. This particular design includes your riding engines above the wing, which has achieved very high cruising speeds, excellent levels of fuel efficiency and a more spacious cabin for this type of aircraft.

3.25 Out of 5
Exterior Style / Design
Interior & Space
Equipment & Features
Luxury Features
Engine & Performance
Ride & Ease of Driving
Handling & Braking
Price & Fuel Efficiency

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